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M2E seeks to embolden children and empower women through the benefits of health and fitness in underserved communities around the world. 

We promote wellness via professional exercise and health literacy programs, and we create economic opportunities through fitness certification, training and mentorship.

Fitness Certification and/or Licensing for M2E Community Reps
Meet Taniya (1).jpg

Taniya Singh

Mumbai - India

Born in the red light district of Mumbai, she had the courage to escape her nightmare of daily abuse. See how we helped her.

Meet Brian.jpg

Brian Odina Hamisi

Nairobi - Kenya

An humble student from FAFU School, he grew up in the street of KIbera, 

Meet Harriet (1).jpg

Harriet Kagai Kagaji

Nairobi - Kenya

Orphaned as a child in the outskirts of Nairobi, her joy, compassion and a desire for self-sufficiency brought her to us. See how we helped her.

Move to Empower in 2021

Move to Empower in 2021

M2E job skills.jpg

Job Skills

M2E identifies candidates for careers in fitness, and then trains and mentors them as they grow their skills and search for employment.


Youth Fitness

In the world’s most overcrowded slums, M2E provides children with a safe way to expend positive energy.

M2E Kenya comunity Rep harriet Kagai.jpg

Community Rep Program

In-country staff members lead recreational, dance and sports programs for children in Kenya Peru and India.

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Women's Support Groups

M2E uses exercise to build self-confidence and strengthen

perseverance among women who are victims of chronic proverty, gender inequity and/or trafficking.

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Para información en español, haz clic aquí.

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M2E Launches in Peru 

Watch the fundraising fitness event that raised donations for a domestic abuse shelter and launched our entry in Peru

M2E at the United Nations

Following a presentation on how Strengthening Women Builds Communities, Toni Rubio leads participants in a fitness break 
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