Embodied Awareness

by Chris Matesic, MATP

A Universal movement flows within us, as us and for us.  And the key to accessing and actualizing this dynamic energy is the daily practice of embodied awareness.


It’s the simple belief that the Soul is here to be embodied and fully engage with life, moment to moment, movement to movement and breath to breath  This is the #1 teaching I have come to realize on my Soul crafting path of over 25 years.


The biggest obstacle in our western minds to actualizing embodied awareness is a Cartesian split of spirit and physical matter, where one acts in isolation of the other. Conversely, Soul-based philosophies offer an integrated perspective where deep spiritual practice is experienced through the body and, more importantly, with the natural rhythms of life. 


This is why community happenings such as Move to Empower’s  Summer Solstice Zumba® and Meditation event are so meaningful. Embodied practices in nature with like-hearted Souls are the most supportive way to tap into the dynamic energy that sources our life.


The first step to beginning your personal Soul crafting journey is to connect to your body through the JOY of mindful movement. Allowing yourself on the outgoing breath to exhale all worn out thoughts and limited ego-centric beliefs that no longer serve you. Then allow whatever movement modality you are engaged in to flow through every atom of your being and cell of your body. Let go of the attachment of looking cool, and let your Soul express itself freely without self-judgement. FEEL good in your body and enjoy this divine energy within you -- as you and for you!


Embodied awareness can be practiced every moment in your daily life. Simply imagine the breath flowing through the center of your lower torso, approximately two and a half finger widths below the navel and two and a half finger widths into the center of your stomach. Imagine the breath inhaling through the lower back into the center of your lower torso and exhaling out of your lower belly. 


Embodied breathing is your universal right to empower your Soul’s presence in your body and in your life!  I encourage you to tap into this dynamic energy with mindful intent, and to fully engage in each of your daily activities.

About the author:

Chris Matesic has created his unique methodology based on his own philosophy that weaves together chakra yoga, archetypal psychology, tai chi, and CORE awareness. He designs training programs of excellence that inspire leaders and elite athletes to perform at their personal best!  You can learn more about these practices at www.soulipa.com.  Chris can be reached at Chris@soulipa.com

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