Using fitness as an empowerment tool, M2E brings joy, health and economic opportunity to victims of gender inequity, human trafficking and extreme poverty.  


Our Fitness Programs are catered to the needs of each community we serve.



Job Skills -- M2E identifies candidates for careers in fitness, and then trains and mentors them as they grow their skills and search for employment as fitness professionals with Zumba Fitness licensing and/or AFAA certification.  Thus, the power of self-sufficiency takes hold...


Youth Fitness -- Using Zumba as a gateway to building relationships with schools and community organizations, M2E demonstrates the integral connection between physical fitness and mental health benefits.  In the world’s most overcrowded slums, M2E provides children with safe play and a way to expend positive energy.


Community Rep Program -- In-country staff members lead recreational, dance and sports programs for children in Kenya and India.  These on-going interactions encourage local residents to invest in their personal growth while strengthening their own communities.  


Women’s Support Groups -- In areas where women and young girls easily fall victim to abuse and/or trafficking, M2E demonstrates the power of exercise in building self-confidence, reclaiming ownership of their own bodies and strengthening endurance and longevity while reducing stress.

Women’s Health -- In regions where women’s health issues are considered taboo, Move to Empower brings experts to discuss topics such as menstruation, hygiene and reproductive health in culturally appropriate settings.


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