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Serendipity is real, as we find with our impactful moments with Natalie Pote, who joins our M2E family as an Ambassador in her native Calcutta where she is a revered fitness instructor.


Natalie is an AFAA-certified Group Fitness Instructor, and serves as the only presenter of AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America) workshops on the sub-continent. She holds every Zumba license, is a master trainer for Super Body Super Brain, in addition to serving as a BODYSHRED and NirvanaFitness instructor.


Most recently, Natalie received her highly coveted certification as personal trainer from the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 


As an M2E Ambassador, she’ll continue to combine her heartfelt commitment to her local communities by identifying candidates for fitness licensing and by serving marginalized women in Calcutta.

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